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Real To Me - Paradise Fears.

Battle Scars Extended Edition.

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Paradise Fears USTREAM 10/22

Did anyone by chance record last night’s USTREAM? Will you notify me when you post it on YouTube?

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Thanks sooooo much! <3



Favorite Singers: Sam Miller (Paradise Fears)

Paradise Fears: WHO YOU ARE & Why it Matters to Me.


We just released a song this week called “Who You Are,” my favorite we’ve ever released. If you haven’t listened yet:

I wanted to get back into blogging, and I figured this song served as a perfect opportunity.

The idea for the song came from my…


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There are moments when we feel alive. That moment when we’re watching our heroes pour their hearts out on the stage for all of us to see. Those are the moments when we all feel invincible, when there’s nothing but all of us and the music. Our worries fade away and everything is finally at peace.
But what if you found out that all your heroes weren’t as strong as you thought they were? What if someone, somewhere knew all of their deepest, darkest secrets and was willing to tell the world no matter what the cost? Would you still consider them your hero? 
And what will they do when the world knows all their secrets? Will they turn away from the fans that supported them or will they pick their head up and keep marching on? Life on the road is never easy, and it’s even harder when you’re trying to protect your secrets from the world. Life Goes On

Life Goes On Wants: Paradise Fears
Sam Miller
Cole Andre
Lucas Zimmerman
Jordan Merrigan
Michael Walker
Marcus Sand

Amazing show in Milwaukee last night. I’ll tell ya who loves Wisconsin…THIS GUY!


Sometimes you just need music like this to keep you going


Michael looking sexy in his photoshoot with front row event media! 


I would marry this song. 


"Give me seduction"

Sam Miller of Paradise Fears right before an interview with Pup Fresh.

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Give it up for A

It’s been an entire year since Paradise Fears released their cover of “The Fighter”. Sam asked us that night for our numbers so he could call random fans and really make their night. Some fans who weren’t chosen by Sam to be called were instead texted by a girl who mysteriously goes by the name “A”.

A has been texting PF fans and many others when they need inspiring words, or just to make them feel a little more cherry.

A has kept this up for a year, and I can’t believe how wonderful she is.

If you ever feel like you new some inspiring words or just a little something sweet said to you, message my blog, , and I’ll give your phone number to A and she’d be more than happy to send a little love around.

Basically, A deserves a medal or something. Without knowing who she is in real life, she has comforted me more than almost anyone else has in my life. She gets me without really knowing me. By telling me something short & sweet like “Never forget you’re a fighter” or “You’re good enough”, she makes my days much more happier than expected.

A, thank you sooooo so much for all you’ve done for us Turtles & non-Turtles. Thank you for treating us like human beings should be treated. You are one special girl and everyone deserves to know that.

Stay strong, A


I want him as a pet.